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Author Topic: Loosh Collectors and their demonic agenda  (Read 37753 times)
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« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2010, 10:15:58 AM »

When we pay attention we can see these patterns reflected in the collective consciousness sometimes, in this case it reminds me of how in the movie The Matrix humans were used as batteries. Beyond these types of metaphor, though money is a very straight forward, measurable way to quantify this. Just consider how much money people spend on non-essentials, which very often times just amounts to a type of stimulation for us to "feel good." Again this is why I like the saying "weapons of mass distraction" - since a lot of these small transactions inevitably depletes ones energy so that spiritual insight is obscured, and this shallow culture is seen as reality and spirit is even considered non-existent.

I think it is very useful to make these observations in popular culture to see the underlying current so to speak, I will start another less formal thread where we might do this..
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2010, 08:50:54 AM »

Unfortunately many people don't understand how widespread 'satanism' is amongst the ruling classes, ergo why they would care to make people suffer. Or to feed their masters in exchange for power and wealth.  We are just a resource for them.  Thanks to people like Jessy Ventura and Alex Jones now these concepts are entering the mass consciousness of society as pop culture on t.v.

So educate yourself people! Cool

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« on: February 15, 2010, 07:43:04 AM »

Back in 2006 I became aware of the possibility and likely probability that fallen angels needed some form of energy
to replace the Divine energy that they had left behind/ been cut off from. During my research I came across the
"Loosh Rote" by Robert Monroe. Monroe was the founder of the Monroe Institute which pioneered in the training
and application of out of body experiences.

Monroe was informed by multiple entities that beings called "Archons"(def. rulers) resided in the Earth's
atmosphere and collected a form of energy called Loosh from all living things. Apparently living creatures
give off Loosh when they feel pain or die. Humans release Loosh when we feel strong emotions, and
the most pure loosh when we suffer. Here is Monroe's "Loosh Rote". He received it while out of body, so
it was presented to him as images which he had to translate into words, hence the strange sentence

Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects,
drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water,
land, old coins, uranium.) This is a rare substance in Somewhere, and those who possess Loosh find it
vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere),
Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its “natural” form. He
decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh.

Someone, his work completed, returned to Somewhere and occupied himself with other matters. Loosh
production stayed at a constant level under the supervision of the Collectors.

From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with complementary tools for the
harvesting of Loosh from the Type 4M [i.e. human] units. The most common have been named love,
friendship, family, greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice – and
on a larger scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade, to list
just a few. Loosh production is higher than ever before...

The Archons collectively rule over the world, and each individually in his sphere is a warder of the cosmic
prison. Their tyrannical world-rule is called heimarmene, universal fate ... [This universal fate] aims at the
enslavement of man. As guardian of his sphere, each Archon bars the passage to the souls that seek to
ascend after death, in order to prevent their escape from the world and their return to God.

I don't agree with the theology contained within the "Rote", but the concept of spirit beings harvesting
energy from human suffering does ring true. Heads of State and CEOs of companies might be getting
rewarded from the Archons for how much Loosh they are able to generate by causing human suffering on
a grand scale.

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